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Rubber Killer was born in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Quickly noticed by the Japanese, it wasn't long before it was flying off the shelves in Tokyo, Japan. Now it's here in London! Rubber Killer UK doesn't make cheeky fetish toys, sorry about that. But wait! We do make some frickin' awesome, hardwearing bags from reclaimed rubber inner tubes.

At the end of a tyre's lifetime, say 20,000 miles down the road it becomes...a big bloody problem. Because tyres are made to be incredibly strong and long lasting they're a royal pain in the chocolate starfish for recycling. Probably around a kagillion bajillion tyres and tubes are dumped into landfills each year. Not cool. Da da dahhh Rubber Killer to the rescue! Giving tubes a second life in one of our roomy totes, sturdy messenger bags, hardwearing pouches, awesome rucksacks or firm notebooks. Good eh? We knew you'd like it ;)

Joi is the Thai founder and brand manager of this rubbery genius and Rubber Killer UK is mostly run by Charlie. A product design graduate from Notts Trent and serial entrepreneur. Fancy pants Lucy takes care of the PR whilst the glamorous Jasmine makes sure you get your order on time and packaged up all lovely jubbly, and that's pretty much the size of it. Charlie saw this totes amaze brand in Thailand and thought the good people of London would love this shiz. A few beers, many pennies, and a couple of flights later and bish, bash, bosh here it is. The best thing is that because it's up-cycled and not just material off a roll, all Rubber Killer products are unique. There are different grooves, ridges and marks on each and every piece of rubber, and this means that no two items are the same.


Get down to one of our stockists and touch it, go on, you know you want to.

Rubber Killer UK

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